Elizabeth's Last Stand

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Created in collaboration with Simon McBurney of Theatre deComplicité

Designed by Matthew Ridout, Music by Peter West

-an evening of fantastic theatre. Colourful, quirky and breathtaking. Suddeutsche Zeitung

-a beautiful dose of madness. Grazia, Milan

-Nola Rae's art holds an audience entranced, this is a heart warming piece. The Guardian

-a clown genius who makes you think. La Republica

Who else but Nola Rae could pull off this tour de force? Berlin Morgenpost



Something strange is happening to Betty.

Maybe she has been living alone for too long?

She thinks she is being stalked by an imperial ghost!

Who does she think she is........a queen or something?

Elizabeth's Last Stand, was inspired by an image of the indomitable Queen Elizabeth 1 of England standing for 15 hours, fearing that if she were to succumb to fatigue, she would never rise again.

Betty, whose entire life has passed unnoticed until now, unfolds a comic drama of Elizabethan proportions, as she struggles to create her very own royal court within the confines of her own personal kingdom....her bedsitting room.