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Directed by John Mowat. Designed by Matthew Ridout. Costumes by Alannah Small

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simply remarkable for it's humour, sensitivity, precision and intelligence La Nouvelle Republique

Run to the central theatre right away! stunningly funny...The Oslo public should not miss the bus. It is tonight only... Dagsavisen, Norway.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

KING OF THE KEYBOARDS forced to play the piano blindfolded.

HIS HIGHNESS OF THE HARPSICHORD forever harassed by his conniving father.

CLOWN OF THE CLAVIER bowing and scraping to emperors and emissaries.

CURSE OF COMPOSERS dashing off masterpieces at the billiard table.

EMPEROR OF OPERA with a salacious interest in young sopranos.

REGENT OF THE REQUIEM dead and dumped in a lime pit.


The triumphant child never left the man.

The man could never triumph like the child.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born with a sliver tuning fork in his mouth. Carefully nurtured and shamelessly exploited as a child genius by his father Leopold, he was the toast of royal courts, performing feats of music never before heard in one so young. As he grew older and could no longer pass as a prodigy, his sublime musical skills were often overlooked. People could only see a strange, little man who's clownish behaviour did not endear him to those who mattered. Irreverently, he both charmed and irritated in equal measure. Finally, he paid a high price...he was largely ignored.

Nola Rae explores the musical phenomenon from his cradle to his grave, and in speculating on what made his so endearing and absurd, introduces MOZART THE CLOWN to an unsuspecting public.