Pursued by Rabbits


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Director: John Mowat

Designer: Matthew Ridout

Music: Peter West

Costumes: Alannah Small

“It’s a hard act to pull off - a full length wordless one-woman show.
But it’s Nola Rae so it works. It’s hard to think of anyone else who could manage such a feat of endurance.”

“Rae is far more than the sum of her parts, her own special forte being the amount of expression she can pack into each look or gesture.”

“ This piece is endlessly inventive.
...high speed humour and marvellous characterisation.”

“Nola Rae’s performance touches powerfully on human motivations from fear to greed and the corrupting influence of power.”

A retreating army cook drags himself unsteadily through the mud.
Alone and abandoned, he has no idea where he is going.
He is just going.

A campaign tent lies in his path. He staggers straight through it.
He should have kept going, but something draws him back. There is something strange about this tent.... a bed, a greatcoat, the imperial bee symbol, a strange looking hat....

As he rummages, he finds he is no longer lost.
He finds himself rehearsing a new and dangerous role...

All he needs is murderous charisma, rustless iron will and a cheese grater.

Peppered with oblique references to short despots, Nola Rae’s latest wordless comic drama, sees the clown follow a well worn trail towards absolute power and absolute disaster.