Home-Made Shakespeare

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Nola Rae (London Mime Theatre) and Lasse Åkerlund (Teater Allena-Sweden)
join forces to perform an evening of choice Shakespearian morsels.

A mad version of Shakespeare's murderous Scottish Play by Lasse Åkerlund
set on a table and played by his lunch.

The Tragedy of Handlet -
Nola Rae's famous version of Shakespeare's Hamlet for two gloved hands.

Romeo and Juliet -
Shakespeare's bitter sweet Italian Play
where two tragic lovers are found discarded in separate dustbins,
and animated by two rival clowns who like to rummage.

Nola Rae and Lasse Åkerlund are very experienced storytellers whose art takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of the imagination.

In Home-Made Shakespeare Macbeth can be played convincingly by a tomato, Ophelia can be wrung out after drowning, before being buried in cat litter
and Romeo can, and is - played by a brown paper bag!


Festival Press, Finland

There is no risk of being bored by this night of Shakespeare.
Superlatives would run out very quickly if I tried to describe the evening...

...the whole performance is like one unbelievable,wildly inventive firework display,
in which the creators imagination and expressive ability seem boundless.

Romeo and Juliet is devised by the company.
Director. John Mowat
Design. Matthew Ridout.
Sound and Lighting. Matthew Ridout
Costumes. Nola Rae and our local charity shops.