Nola's current productions

Exit Napoleon Pursued by Rabbits


Mozart Preposteroso


Elizabeth's Last Stand


Upper Cuts

Home-Made Shakespeare

And The Ship Sailed On

Nellie Pasta's Opera Cocktail



Teaching and Directing


Design work (Matthew Ridout)


Nola Rae: Outstanding Physical Visual Theatre

Nola Rae is an artist of international standing and is one of the most unique performers in modern British Theatre.

Her style, using a mix of mime, dance, comedy and puppetry, bound by a razor sharp wit, reaches out and touches an audience at all levels. Few can hold a stage with such absolute ease and without a word spoken. Her work has been seen in more that 69 countries to date.


Nola Rae's art holds an audience entranced. The Guardian.

Artistically she is in a league of her own. Der Abend, Berlin.

Simply remarkable for her humour, sensitivity, precision and intelligence. . La nouvelle Republique.